Foreplay Tips – 3 Keys to Incredible Foreplay

Hey guys Jason Julius here, I want to write a post quick to talk about Foreplay which is something I get asked about a lot.

I get questions from guys about how to be good at Foreplay, and what all the tips and tricks are for getting a woman’s juices flowing.  This is great because one of the biggest complaints I hear from women is that men don’t spend enough time with foreplay, and in a bit we’ll talk about why foreplay is so important for getting women to orgasm.

So before we get into all of that, first let’s define what exactly Foreplay is and let’s also clearly define what our outcome or goal is for Foreplay because in order to be good at anything you need a clear vision of what the best possible outcome is.

When you think of Foreplay you might imagine all the kissing, hugging, rubbing, licking, massaging, and other fun stuff that happens before sex begins, but there’s also a lot of things happening mentally as well.

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Does Penis Size Matter?

The question of “does penis size matter?” seems to be engraved in the minds of men permanently. It seems like there are so many different views on the subject each pulling men in one direction or another and it seems like you can hardly open up your email inbox these days with out getting spam for the latest and greatest penis pump or pill on the market. I’ll be the first to admit it can be quite confusing as to what to believe as truth and what to dismiss as lies.

The main focus of this post is going to help you see through the fog and give you nothing but the straight facts about penis size and what women think about it.

Let’s first discuss the average penis size in men. When we’re talking about penis size we’re referring to both the length and the width of the male penis. Although most men seem to be more concerned with the length then anything else. [Read more…]

How to Satisfy a Woman Sexually – Leading Her Mind

When you know how to satisfy a woman sexually it can be a very powerful thing. Just imagine knowing that you have the power to give any woman the most intense mind blowing orgasms of her life. Feels pretty powerful right? Just the confidence alone can be overwhelming.

I believe these skills to be able to satisfy women sexually are essential life skills all men should know. It’s just that up until now there hasn’t been anywhere people could go to learn the right information on this kind of stuff.

To satisfy a woman sexually you must first understand that woman are far different from men when it comes to sexual satisfaction. For women there are many more emotions involved then there are with men. Then add in their vagina to the equation which to be honest is actually quite complex and satisfying a woman sexually can all of a sudden seem like quite a daunting task. [Read more…]