Extreme Female Orgasm – Making A Woman Squirt

Hi, I’m Jason Julius, sex coach and creator of The Female Orgasm Blueprint. In today’s video I’m talking about the most extreme orgasm that you can give a woman.

There are many types of orgasms that you can give the woman you love. However, not all orgasms are created equal.

For the sake of simplicity there are really only two types of orgasms that you need to be concerned with:

A clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm.

A clitoral orgasm is not usually as powerful as a vaginal orgasm, so this video is going to focus on how to give a woman an extreme orgasm via vaginal stimulation.

The most extreme vaginal orgasm that you can give a woman is a squirting orgasm.

A squirting orgasm is when a woman orgasms and squirts female ejaculate fluid out of her urethra at the same time that she is having her orgasm.

The sensation that overcomes the woman during this type of orgasm is sometimes very overwhelming to her. Some women even have a hard time walking immediately after experiencing a female squirting orgasm.

The easiest way to give a woman a squirting orgasm is to stimulate her G-spot with your index finger.

I have developed a very simple technique for making any woman squirt. If you would like to see the technique demonstrated live on video, you can head over to my site OrgasmArts.com to check it out.

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