Fastest Way To Find The Female G Spot

The G-spot is located on the interior of the vagina about 1 to 2 inches along the front wall.

Before you try to find the G-spot, you need to make sure the woman you are going to be stimulating is very aroused.

The reason is because in a non-aroused state the G-spot will be completely flat and hard to find; the more aroused your woman gets, the more pronounced the G-spot will become.

To get your woman aroused, spend plenty of time engaging in foreplay. There is really no set amount of time, but as a general rule, the more time spent engaging in foreplay the more turned on and aroused she’s going to be, and thus the G-spot will be easier to find. It’s not a race; don’t rush this part.

With your woman in an aroused state, insert your index finger inside her vagina to about the second knuckle. You’re looking for a wrinkled or ridged area that may be slightly raised. When you feel this area, you have located her G-spot.

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