Female Orgasm Techniques – How to Stimulate the G Spot

Learning how to give a woman a G Spot orgasm can be one of the most rewarding and powerful skills you can ever learn being a man. It can make a woman fall deeply and madly in love with you and give you such unbelievable confidence no woman could ever resit you. But why then are so many men utterly clueless when it comes to giving a woman such a high level of orgasm?

Probably the biggest reason why most men don’t know how to please a woman is because they have never been taught. Modern society is not very open to increasing the sexual pleasure a man and woman can experience together. Simply put this kind of information is just not readily available.

What a lot of men don’t realize is a woman’s vagina is actually quite complex and it can take a lot to get her to orgasm. We’re going to focus on using our fingers to stimulate the g spot. As a bonus once you can give her an orgasm with your fingers she will be able to have multiple orgasms when you actually start having sex.

1. Don’t go for the goods right away. You want to build up massive amounts of anticipation.

2. Once she’s “warmed up” use one finger and feel all the way around her sensitive areas watching her body as an indicator to how it feels to her.

3. Let her know how much it pleases you being able to please her. Tell her how you love how turned on she gets. You want her to know that you thoroughly enjoy giving her pleasure this will more easily allow her to “let go” and have an orgasm.

4. Begin To Stimulate her G Spot using a come here motion. Vary it up between long and short strokes. The G Spot will begin to swell and balloon out as she gets closer and closer to climax.

5. As she orgasms her vagina will contract and pulse on your finger, never ask her if she had an orgasm YOU will know.

If you want more female orgasm techniques make sure you watch my g spot video.

Talk Soon,

Jason Julius