The Clitoris

The clitoris or what is sometimes referred to, as the clit for short, is very unique in that it’s the only part of the human body that’s sole purpose is for sexual pleasure. It even has a very close relationship to the male penis. During fetal development a fetus has what is called a phallus and if the fetus is a girl then the phallus turns into a clitoris and it it’s a boy the phallus turns into a penis.

With over 8,000 nerve endings located in just the clitoral head it can become very sensitive when aroused. If you know some basic clitoral stimulation techniques then you can bring a woman great pleasure, but if you don’t and you stimulate the clitoris in the wrong way it can actually become very uncomfortable for the woman and no one wants that.

In this article I’m going to go over a basic clitoral stimulation technique that is very easy to do and you’ll be able to implement it right away to start giving your lover the clitoral orgasms she deserves.

First off you always want to make sure you use plenty of lubrication whenever you’re going to be stimulating the clitoris. I recommend using grape seed oil, but you don’t want to use it with a condom because it could cause it to break. So if you’re going to be using a condom later for sexual intercourse you’ll need to use a water based lubricant like Astroglide.

It’s very important to build up anticipation with lots of foreplay. You always want to make sure a woman’s clitoris is fully aroused and erect before touching it. If you touch it to soon it could be very painful to her.

The most basic clitoral stimulation technique is to slide your fingers down the clitoral hood so that the clitoral hood is actually covering up the head of the clitoris.

Proceed to move your fingers in a circular motion while keeping the clitoral head covered up by the clitoral hood. So without actually coming into direct contact with the clitoral head you can give her a clitoral orgasm that will blow her mind.

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