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  1. Jim Funkhouser


  2. Sharon

    Thanks Jason! You must be in close contact with your feminine side … you have really hit the nail on the head with this one!

  3. Daniel Nagle

    You nailed it !! ive known this for a long time, but hearing it makes one slow down and begin anew. great job Jason!!!

  4. Elaine


    I wish more men would actually take this advice to heart…

  5. Greg Sweeney

    That was a great vidio, I really thought that it made a lot of good common sence and your Right that we men have lost are control with women and that is what they want for a man to be dominant. Thanks Jason

  6. Tony

    Great! Thanks for your input and expertise..oh! and your orgasms arts videos have done so much for me that I have to be hiding now..I did not have time one day and I touched one woman on her shoulder and wispered in her ear to think on wahat I did to her and what I will do the next time..Man she came without me touching her..I am introducing your work to some of my ‘experienced ‘ friends..

  7. Richard

    You talked about some of the things I already suspected but your talk reinforced what I had discovered. But, there were many things that you talked about that I had not really spent that much time thinking about and when you brought those items up, I find that you are absolutely correct. Sometimes some of us men who want to be good lovers just do not have a mentor capable of discussing it in terms that can be proven by practice. Thanks old buddy. Being a good lover is very important to me and having my sexual partner become as satisfied as she can be, heightens my sexual experience.

  8. Whew! I’ve had either ‘too nice’ or ‘too rough & ready’. You combine both sumptuously. How much for a private session Julius??? I’m shaking just listening to this little vid clip…………………..Brenda (Tahili)

  9. Maynard

    Amazing video Jason:

    Too many golden nuggets to just view once

    Out of all your videos this may be the most critical on so many levels

    Cheers My Man

  10. Mark Agnello

    I bought your course a couple years ago and have had great success using your techniques! But it is getting a little mechanical now and this reminded me both to not be the “nice guy” that I seem to always turn into. It reminded me to be dominate and break it up with some new ideas. Thanks, Mark

  11. steve

    thanks, helped

  12. kodo kawamura


    Good one. I enjoyed it. I think I learned a lot on this video.

    Thank you,


  13. Jay

    All good info Jason, thanks. Currently in a relationship with a virgin who seems very nervous about the whole sex situation, so much so that shes really putting it off and wont even talk about it. Any tips you nay have would be greatly received!! All the best.

  14. John Swanson

    Good video Thanks for the tips Jason!

  15. Jean

    Very well put. Too bad more men don’t follow your footstep.

  16. Lisa_Lipstick

    This information is orgasmic. Listen up, you guys. Take Notes.

  17. Jason,
    Great video. Dominance is so important. Most guys just don’t take the time to get woman hot and bothered. Since sex is mostly mental for women dirty talk is one of the one important things you can do to women wet and thinking about you in a sexual way. I’m looking forward to more of your videos.

  18. Cathy

    Well kept, little known secret that even independent, very together women need and want this from their men. You really are spot-on about this! Thanks for sharing. Hope to convey this to my hubby sometime soon…..

  19. Lee

    Hi Jason, I loved it – I just wished more men had the same wisdom….

  20. Brandi

    I have your vids and as a woman I thought maybe it was weird that I was purchasing something like these. But I think by educating myself I have become more open to looking for a man who will do for me everything you talk about in your teachings. I love the vid because it reinforces for us women what it truly means to have a man who wants to please us. And makes us more confident in choosing the right guy when it comes to looking for a lover and partner. Bravo! This vid is no different. I think you not only have changed the lives of a lot of men, but also of women.

  21. Troy larsen

    Right on! Perfect and very effective and true.

  22. Nice video man :D

    You’re getting better! Good job!

    When you have time you can update some of the older videos!

  23. ct

    very good tip, need more stuff like this. helps a lot. Thanks.

  24. Joe

    Awesome research man

  25. Sometimes you forget about some basic common sense things like being playful and putting yourself in a dominant position. Things have been working themselves into a rut in my relationship and now I have these great reminders about how to turn things back around to being fun and exciting again. Thank you sir. I really appreciate hearing from you from time to time with these additional videos. I feel like a valued customer.

  26. Sarah

    OMG! I’m sending this to my boyfriend….he is so nice that he rarely takes the lead,and I think it is just what you said. He wants to be a “nice guy”. It’s not that I don’t like enjoy our sex life,I do,but like I said I wish that he would take the lead more often. Thanks Jason!

  27. Zach

    Freakin Awesome dude, this makes soooo much sense, I mean I have hit that point with my fiance’ where it doesn’t take long for her to be ready but this info does make me slow down and even want to project more dominance in bed. I havent been the most dominant but when we first met I was dominant but also very respectful and gentle at the same time and still found ways to achieve the powerful orgasms you describe. All and all I will keep watching and learning so long as you have more to teach, thanks brah.

  28. Robert

    I found all of your suggestion to be right on! Don’t stop sharing! Thanks.

  29. Amber

    Awesome as usual! I am so grateful that you were curious while watching that video so long ago. Keep them coming (pun intended)! Us girls need you on our side! xoxo

  30. Amber

    And for the rest of you guys and gals leaving comments, check out Jason’s other work at http://www.orgasmarts.com. The videos have change my sex life with my husband of 14 years and can change yours too!

  31. Jimmy D

    Jason. LOVE IT!! Watched the whole series a few months back. A few weeks ago a girl said to me. Can you do that magic thing you do with your finger! I had been the first man ever to give her a G-Spot orgasm and she soaked the bed. It was amazing!

  32. Damon

    Thanks man, I bought your complete teaching about 6 months ago, And althuogh at times i considered myself pretty educated in the area of sex, your videos taught me alot. My wife and I watched the section and break down on squirting, and it completely made sence to her, and she was able to squirt that very night. And she has many times sence then, thanks again..and this teaching on foreplay was also good. I always try to keep her guessing, and surprises are a must. We are going into our 13 year of marriage and things just keep getting better…thanks for your help.

  33. Anthony

    Jason, that was a right-on video! It is exactly what I needed – a jolt. It’s my nature to chill, let her create the action, figure it all out and then ask why she’s frustrated. I will be watching this piece again and taking action to create her moment, by taking charge. And,coming up with new ways to keep us on our toes.

  34. EM

    I have a strong will and finally found a guy who is dominant in bed. My other lovers were too submissive to me, and I was never really satisfied. Now I am able to have orgasms like never before. This man truly enjoys breaking me down into complete and willing submissiveness. He enjoys that feeling of power. Strangely enough, I found myself wishing he would spend more time on foreplay. This video is perfect for helping him understand the benefits of foreplay. By watching it in front of him, I can get him to watch with me without making him feel like I have complaints.

  35. carol

    i was very good information keep them coming

  36. Ray of Light

    I found it superb, and agree with it all as usual…:)
    I do need to add that although as a woman I do want a man to be completely masculine and have this “natural aggression”
    or clearly guide me into the action, and yet it is important that he never forgets to stay in touch with my energy and not drive
    me forcefully or become unsensitive to how am I doing with it all. In less words, stay aware of our needs as it all unfolds.
    Hope I’ve explained myself well.

    Thank you Julius, you are palin wonderful and add so much to our experience ! Keep exploring !

  37. JAY.G

    You’re my dude…..that means ur the man…I’m a woman lover and thought I knew it all until my big bro Jason put me up on game now I got ladies goin crazy Jus from the touch of my hand….I feel magic…this knowledge is so powerful it should b n the ark of the covenant anyways I’m not gay or bi but I wana meet Jason face 2 face n go play wit sum pussy 2getha no lol I’m serious….sorry 4 goin on and on but the women in my life is experiencing things they never have due 2 this information from this man…I’m a 34 yr old black man from Chicago n I thought I new it all…just being blessed down there ain’t nothing if u don’t kno the spots or what 2 do with them…BOTTOM LINE….THIS DUDES INFO WILL TOTALLY CHANGE UR SEX LIFE….sorry 4 the long speech but I owe u a lot respect…big up big up…Thanx Big Jay

  38. Joel E

    Awesome stuff! Keep them coming…

  39. Linda

    Don’t give men the idea that if they do this right often enough, they can bypass prolonged foreplay. Every now and then that might be OK with the woman, but most women will eventually resent the man moving quickly through foreplay even if he’s learned how to make her highly aroused quickly. Foreplay IS sex, it’s not just a phase that happens before sex happens. Sex is not just when the penis is in the vagina. That’s simply penetration, which is only one phase of sex.

    Most everything you teach is dead-on right, but speaking as a woman who is multi-orgasmic and has had clitoral and G-spot orgasms as well as blended ones, I can vouch for the fact that a woman can have an orgasm just from foreplay. Yes, that’s no lie. Of course I realize I’m in the minority, but it’s true. I’ve even had orgasms just from thinking about sex, without any direct stimulation. You can choose not to believe me if you want, but I know what I’ve experienced, and I’m quite experienced in this area.

    Also, what you said about dominance is true – as long as the woman trusts the man, respects him, and feels SAFE with him. She needs to know that he won’t hurt her. The whole ‘good boy/bad boy’ syndrome you spoke of isn’t so much about dominance as it is about confidence. It’s the confidence that a man has that a woman is attracted to, and if he’s truly confident, he’ll be comfortable being dominant (and she’ll be comfortable being submissive). Unfortunately, most bad boys are confident (or at least they exude confidence, whether real or not), and that’s what makes them so attractive. The good guys are typically not confident around a woman, and that’s what turns women off. We don’t want to be mommies to men – only to our own children. What we really want is a good guy who also has confidence. That’s the ideal combination.

  40. Barry Nance

    Very well done as the leading role of the man. Sometimes a woman, that has been hurt by dominent men, have difficulty letting go with that same way of getting her in the mood for sex. So, changing the way of doing things, light heartedness, laughter, and playing a different role, lets her relay and enjoy your approach. We do however, need to maintain control, as not to open her thoughts of fear. The places to touch and caress need to be out of the ordinary to stimulate her that are different from strong dominate males, in some respects. You covered all the different ways we need to use in taking the woman to heights, needed for sex. I have trouble trying to be a nicer person for her to enjoy, without fear of being hurt. It goes around the fact that some women can’t say no to dominant men, but it keeps them from feeling hurt after sex is done, and her thoughts come back into focus. Maybe I’m wrong in this way of thinking, but caring about her after sex, must be in a mans mind before the act of sex, so the woman feels comfortable enough to have sex more often. Barry






  42. User

    Hi Julius,
    yes, this video is great ,- and the essence of all videos summarized, because you hit the point of understanding the difference of men/women’s sexuality very clear. I’m fully satisfied with your presentations in your videos since i ordered them from your “Orgasmarts” website, and there is nothing to add to your performance, and i really most appreciate that your product is closed in its circle on his own, and that your not (not like most of the other sellers) giving a “sneakpeak” only, – and then i as customer – should have to order this and that fellowing product for more cash in addition, if i want to know more about this theme.
    Great work Julius, and by the way …cool jacket you wear.

  43. Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge. What you said is very true. Not so much quantity as quality of foreplay makes a lot of difference to women.

  44. Pablo

    I have been watching your videos for some time now, but now it’s time to say: Bravooo! You are so good at this, but the most important thing is that you are professional, and no obscene at all. Your tips have been very helpfull in my experiences.

  45. kevin

    Jason, soooo true,I have done these and more it is such a thrill to turn a woman on.it satisfys me to know that i can.Great job

  46. Manny

    Thanks Jason!

  47. Sassa

    I had one really good relationship with a guy who was so nice, thoughtful, understanding, helpful. But the sex was boring. Afterwards I had to refuse him, because I didnt feel aroused at all in his proximity. Even if he tried to do everything what can get me in that mood, but didnt help. We broke up. I realised later that what I missed was exactly the dominance in the sex. I send him this video, maybe he understands. I am curious if it something what can anyone learn, even the timid decent ones.

    But the other thing is, does the foreplay help to turn off the GUY’S rush of the thoughts during the sex?:) My experiences showed it doesnt. What does then?

  48. Chris

    thanks jason!
    this is very helpful!
    Great work!

  49. Ginny


    Thank you, you are a diamond! and you have the best understanding of what women’s sexuality is about !!
    I am French ( yes from the country of well known lovers !!) and your education should be on all boys’ curriculum even over there !
    I have passed these to some of my male’s friends and their girlfriend, wife or fiancée now have a big smile and a very content attitude !! lol

    With my very respectful regards


  50. Jay Dezmen

    Excellent video. Makes lots of sense. I was seeing this one girl. I would talk so nasty to her that when she would come over to see me, she was ready to cum in minutes. I tell ppl all the time that foreplay is not just when you play with her right before sex. It’s a 24/7 thing. Keep her wanting you. This is awesome stuff man. Keep up the great work bro


  51. Paul

    Lot’s of great information

  52. Avishek

    Yes this may have been your best video. I learned a lot, it all makes a lot of sense. Maybe you should make another video on “being a man,” or qualities of a man that women are attracted to. It’s a topic i’ve been reading about, and you started talking about dominance which of course is huge in the bedroom

  53. Mukta

    I dont know how to thank you.

    I am a different man now.
    My wife is loving me more and i can feel change.

  54. Dougie Gray

    Hey Jason
    Another great video, thanks heaps. What I like about it was that it reminds me to take my time and build up my woman so that she’s way more receptive to sex rather than just jumping onboard! I much prefer a long slow build up anyway so this video was a great reminder to what women want and need! Another thing I liked greatly was to vary what and how you carry out foreplay and intercourse too. Being predictable is, well, just predictable and therefore woosy and boring!!! And we can’t have that now can we? Keep up the fantastic work and I’ll be getting more and more comments from women like I had today “you’ve got me tingling in places I never knew I could tingle”!!!! Awesome!

  55. ill try that tonite and let u know if it works i did make her squirt the other nite she loved it i could tell she loved itby the look on her face i wish she would loosen up in bed its like she is to tence any sugestions

  56. Jenny

    I agree with everything. A little iffy on the dirty talk to the lady. The rest is so, so, so true. Can you give a copy of this to every man on the planet!!! Then the only other problem is will they put it into action? I love what you talked about being too routine & boredom. I love sex, but if men would really try what you talk about they would make so many women happy. Then they themselves would be ecstatic, because they would get back more then they ever thought they could. Thanks for what you are doing. Brainwash them if you have to. I know so many women that have unhappy sex lives with their husbands. Also, what you are saying is right, if they play their cards right, she’ll be begging for it!!!! Come on guys I challenge you!!!

  57. jopu

    Thanks for the tips Jason!

  58. Sue

    This was wonderful, actually it made me cry because I am not in a relationship at the present time and miss having a sexual relationship. This video is so full of really good information that will make for a very fulfilling sexual encounter.

  59. markuz

    awesome! very educatinal jason

  60. Denise

    You MUST be the most desired man in the US!!

  61. Sa

    Jason, marry me!

  62. Todd

    This is a great and very informative video Jason keep up the great work!

  63. Patrick F

    I honestly feel that you are excellent. Your techniques are incredible. We often have the wrong concepts and approaches to making love.
    We as men are often selfish. All we care for is, our own pleasure fullfillment and pleasure,

  64. Gil

    I totally see the value of anticipation, being patient and dominant. This video is a great reminder of that. Over the last 10 years I notice a difference in the attitude of women in my area. They’ve taken the role of the dominant one. Well at least in the beginning. Which makes it a little harder play to role of the dominant one. I’m currently wonder how to balance that power struggle….hahaha!!

  65. Irene

    You are right … again. Thank you for putting so many women’s feelings and needs into words – and even into a video.
    This is exactly what we want and need. But the moment we tell a guy that, it’s like getting flowers, when you’ve asked for them.
    When we are in our heads (which we are a lot of the time), we will always know that we instructed him to do it and therefor we will feel his insecurity and focus on the auckwerdness of the situation instead of relaxing – and therefor optimal arousal and even orgasm is not gonna happen.

    So thank you for being the one to tell them instead.

    Good luck guys! Go knock us off our feet!

    Best from Denmark

  66. Auggie

    Let me tell you I practice these things religiously. Also, keep in mind some women are different. Communication is the best way to find out how to arouse her.

  67. Ricardo

    You’ve changed my perspective on a lot of things.

  68. black arrow

    that was great but to some women using a domenant technique could be considered as violent
    or a rough treatment to her delecate nature. ex as you explained holding her head and kissing her or
    throwing her onto bed.
    i guess that women differ from one to another

  69. Devid Paul

    Hi Brother U R great….. Hat off to U……… May God give U more life

  70. Robin Pawson

    wow… YOU ARE SO CORRECT… i am that visual person too. i like it when a man tells me what he wants to do with me in bed. As i love to tell him a story.. Its a story of me walking in the door, and telling him what i want to do to him… or its him telling me just how he wants me to be when he sees me.
    i.e. blindfolded
    Thankyou for the video im going to let my boyfriend watch it

  71. John


    Thank you….I like it very much.

  72. ibe

    Thanks! Just great! Some of the most basic knowledge every man needs to have fun with women.

  73. craig brown

    All your videos are the same quality – very good and instructive and thus truly valuable, greetings from Bratislava Slovakia

    TKS. Bill Sutton

  75. JP

    Thanks Jason,

    I am the nice guy that forgot about dominating…

    Now to test it out… I’ll let you know.

  76. Christy

    Anyone can take this advice and put it to good use. I hope to see more videos soon Jason as I always love to experiment with your advice

  77. charlie

    amazing advice, NEED MORE

  78. Great video and very important information. I felt like you were talking to me. I have been so excited about the other things I have liearned from you. I let the “fore play” go…. This really got me back to a very important thing to intergrate this into the complete package of totally pleasing a woman..
    Keep it up Jason…we need you out here.

  79. Charlene

    I think EVERY man in the world should watch this!!!! You are so good it is scary. This is awesome.

  80. Stolis

    I knew all these things, but i could realize why…you helped me with that!!!


    Just today i was on one day vacation with my GF, we were kissing like hell for hours, we wanted to have sex for many hours…we stopped kissing touching etc….then we started again…that happened a lot of times, but we couldnt have sex, it was crowed everywhere….so when about after 7-8 hours…we returned at my home, we sat for like 5 minutes…then we started undressing….i couldnt help it, i went right for her vagina…she was so wet down there…i licked her clitoris and put a couple of fingers on the Gspot on the same time….guess what, she experienced an orgasm within half a minute..HALF a minute..

    My point : We were on foreplay for so many hours…so yeah, half a minute was all she needed ;)
    Just like the video mentioned…her mind has to be ready!!
    So a good foreplay, aggresive, fun and mentally perfect can make wonders

  81. Susan

    Foreplay…that when a women gives the man oral sex or he painfully pokes her privates trying to get the juices flowing, one second before penetration. Male foreplay is so bad, this straight female is starting to get turned on by softcore shy GG video.

  82. Tabitha

    Love this video, would have loved if my previous boyfriend had seen this, then everything wouldn’t have gotten stale and boring. For the future, would love to see videos geared toward people who are still virgins, and what else is out there that can still be arousing and what techniques can be tried.

  83. Henry Kenens

    (they should give u the Nobel price of “love making”.

    After studying ur videos and having a great time with my girlfriend this is what she told me:

    “I desired to experience this feeling and i get sexually stimulated because of you. Everytime you asked me if i feel it before? I always answer you “No,not at all”…because what i felt with you is really beyond of my imagination. But, now the feeling is not beyond anymore as it is being instilled in my mind always and wanted to feel it everyday. The 3 weeks holiday for us is the best, most wonderfulL, prettiest thing that ever happened to me because I truly found someone who makes me feel complete in bed. You make me shake, moan, very wet, sweating and said the word “Honey oi” because of the great feeling i felt deep within. You are very considerate that u want me to cum and not just thinking of yourself because u want me to feel the zenith of happiness and contentment.
    Because of that “I really feel that I’m truly a woman because you are truly a man to me”….
    Generally, to desribe the feelings shortly. its SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS. =)”

  84. Ricardo Hdz

    Excellent Information Julius!!!!

    Greetings from México city!!!

  85. kirk

    this is absolutly the most inspiring video keep the great advice up. it really helps when you give an expirenec that people can relate to.

  86. Romy

    Excellent advice…thank you…

  87. beverley

    very educatioal . terrific

  88. mikael

    Wow you pretty much explained everything I have been doing wrong so far. I’ve been recieving emails from you for a while and i’ve been skeptical about buying the blueprint. After seeing this video its starting to make sense to me, I dont really know what im doing. This video was great and very helpful. Thanks

  89. Allen

    I have been really impressed by the quality of your information. You provide more than anyone else out there. What is great about this video and others you have offered for free is that when used properly it works. I will in the near future purchase your material because I believe in it.
    Thank you.

  90. Sharon

    Thank you for doing these educational videos. I wish everyone could see them and learn, the world would be a better place.


  91. Bill Moramarco

    Lots of great information. I forgot to take notes.

  92. Jason
    You are definatly the master. I am 73 years old and have learned more than I had any idea exisited. Great video! Keep up the fantastic job my friend.

  93. John dela Cruz

    Nice instructional video Jason. I think we need more of these type of good instructions.

  94. Shanna

    WHOOOOO!!!! I started watching this video several months ago, thought hmm.. this is more than I ever learned in sex ed class or nursing class. I gotta admit, damn! Best time of my life… being wet all the time nearly choking the boyfriend while he was eating me that was how much I was squirting. Never thought Id enjoy foreplay as much as making love. I told him about this website encouraged him to watch it and he did. Hats off to you Jason. thanks for being so damn curious to find out so ya can share this awseomens with us men and women.
    I no longer am shy with my body feeling sexier than ever heck even bought me almost 5 inches spikes throwing on some sexy thongs and all perks up the times together. What we realized is we needed to slow down explore, get so exicted that we are about to burst and we were able to meet at same heights and explode together. Been telling my friends about your site, they are opening their eyes like I did!

  95. Anna

    Thanks Jason,you so speak the truth.I shall spread the word on behalf of us women who are dying for a great lover!

  96. Randy

    Thanks for the video and I agree as well. I simply demanded that she keep the panties on and told her not to take them off.
    Based on experience there is nothing like my wife having on a pair of see through mesh panties during foreplay. By leaving the panties on the anticipation makes the arousal very intense. I can do just about every thing except penetration to her vagina because there is the matter of the panties stopping us from ravishing each other. This obstacle alone can drive both of us nuts and crazy with passion. I know that the whole experience of a barrier between her and I makes it so much better when the panties are pealed off. To have this small detail limit the access builds the intensity so much that the real thing is even better not to mention that my climax is three times more explosive and by her actions I can tell that she is so much more into the process and quite pleased over all.

  97. david

    wow , all this advice is great, thanks jason..simple things that can make a difference in a relantionship, and i dont think there is nobody out there that can deliver this information better than you.

  98. Yuncho Chan

    Like very much to learn more on this subject.

  99. Barbara K

    How exciting to see a NEW professional, and not obscene info video from Jason! Jason absolutely hit all the key points that a woman mentally begs for in life and in her fantasies. During foreplay, I love the romantic and dominate side of a man as Jason mentions, and how alot of us women would have LOVED to be his date! But we enjoy a good laugh in bed too. Such as a kiss where our teeth clink, or some weird sound interrupts our love making, (Ex: Jerry McGuire & Bridget Jones movies love making scenes.)

    My thanks too for Barry expressing my own feelings >> “changing the way of doing things, light heartedness, laughter, and playing a different role, lets her relay and enjoy your approach. We do however, need to maintain control, as not to open her thoughts of fear. The places to touch and caress need to be out of the ordinary to stimulate her that are different from [other] strong dominate males …. You covered all the different ways we need to use in taking the woman to heights, needed for sex …. without fear of being hurt. …. keeps them from feeling hurt after sex is done, and her thoughts come back into focus. … caring about her after sex, must be in a mans mind BEFORE the act of sex, so the woman feels comfortable enough to have sex more often. ~ Barry”

    I tend to disagree Jason about the ‘dirty’ talk, Too many men use the ‘F’ word as if there is NO OTHER word in their everyday language. I much more prefer the seductive words and sexual emotions than just the disgusting terms during love making. I for one do NOT want to be ‘F____d’, but instead love hearing how being in bed with me makes him feel and descriptions of what we can do for each other is so sexy and romantic!

    Thanks again Jason for sharing your insight and knowledge with all of us.
    Barbara K

  100. Rayne

    You are write about everything .but what you forgot is that foreplay starts 23 hours before you have sex.It is a kind touch and a sweet word.and if it builds to being tossed on the bed and taken………..cool

  101. Kenny

    Well, to be honest Mr Julius i do think that this is so freaking necessary whenever you are with a woman, i will try it as soon as possible, i had done foreplay before but not the way you explained it, so now i know a lot of things i didnt before, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! and keep it going like that… THANK YOU AGAIN!!! GREAT VID!!!

    Kenny La Torre
    Best Regards from Guatemala….

  102. Sudhakar

    Wow! Jason, it is truely unbelievable and mind blowing. Though you reinforced what i already knew – but the main thing was how you
    explained it. I don’t wear a hat, nevertheless HATS OFF TO YOU. Keep up the good work and God bless you. This is definitely a good
    karma you are doing to humanity at large and men in particular.

  103. Jake Colly

    Man this really explains a lot: orgasms, mental states, the friend-zone, foreplay. Amazing stuff.

  104. monu rana

    truly awesome…
    nice tips

  105. Richard Sanderson

    Well Jason,

    I think you said everything to be said about the subject and did a good job doing it.From reading the other reviews I don’t seem out of place by saying that.

  106. It’s great! keep on…want more….

  107. GreatBOB

    Just great!!!!! I got the same experience all about females in my life!!!! But anyway thanks 4 remerbering us , what we really are and what they really want!!!

  108. Linda

    And they say women are impossible to understand!!!!!! You just read us like a book, Jason! Keep on educating those men! There’s still hope! :-)

  109. PW

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    I tell her how exciting it is to be together with her, how I enjoy my time spent together with her. I not suggestive with her. By the time our night is over, she is making moves to say, “Thank you”. It’s great, all you guys should try it sometime. Treat your date as a lady.
    Walk your fingers all over her. Tell her what you are doing as you do it. Hearing it while she is feeling it, will be a great turn on for her. Drag your fingertips over her skin, over all of her erogenous zones. Use your tongue to flick her clit. While doing that twist her nipples gently with your fingers. I should be doing this video stuff.

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    Although I agree that dominance is important, I don’t think that it is necessarily what attracts a woman. Some women (such as myself) don’t want to be dominated. You mention “the way a man carries himself” here, and I think that this is actually much more important than dominance. It’s confidence. Confidence is the single most sexy thing that ANYONE can have. Confidence puts power behind actions, whether they be dominant or submissive. For me, I LOVE it when a guy can handle being on the bottom, and still smile back at me confidently. Even though I’m taking the dominant role, he’s confident enough to take the submissive one. That is such a big turn on! Although it’s probably much less common for women to take the dominant role in the bedroom, I know at least five girls off the top of my head that do, and want to! The majority of women are going to respond positively to male dominance, but there is a small group out there that is going to want a guy that is confident enough to let her have that dominant role and confident enough to please her at the same time.

    I absolutely agree with you on warming up. Foreplay is so important. Teasing is important. In my humble opinion, the woman should be nearly shaking in anticipation before sex– whether it be oral, vaginal, or anal. That anticipation makes sex so much better! And as for too much stimulation too fast (when you were talking about going straight for the clitoris or nipple), I would recommend that everyone try super slow sex at least once in their lives– it may surprise you how pleasurable it is.

    “Unpredictable/Predictable” bothers me. Maybe it is because the words predictable/unpredictable have no positive or negative connotation. When I think of unpredictable in bed, I think of a guy catching me completely off-guard with his actions, which isn’t a comforting thought. It makes me anxious, and that would make me less likely to orgasm. You say that women love unpredictable men; I do not think that is the case. I think that women love confident men that mix things up and are willing to experiment. You used the word “boring” to describe men that go straight for the clitoris or nipple, and I think that is a more accurate word. I don’t think it is predictability as much as it is adventurousness, boldness; and most importantly, patience. Confidence (again!) boosts all of these attributes significantly. A man has to be confident enough to try something new, and confident enough to take his time. Patience is especially true of this, as many men rush because they either aren’t sure if she’s enjoying it, or think that they look silly. Be confident and don’t rush it. Enjoy it.

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    It’s not just women who get unfulfilled and bored with sex. Guys do too, only we mostly aren’t aware of it. My former partner is a beautiful and very sexual being and I fell deeply in love with her. However, because of my own lack of experience, I didn’t fulfill her needs, although I did try. Eventually, our relationship failed. We are just friends now and have completely lost the sexual attraction to each other. Unfortunately, where I have moved on to another partner, she has not yet found a man to fulfil her needs.

    My current partner is also a beautiful and sexual being, and very different to my first partner in every way. She is also more challenging…because she’s a big thinker.

    I have to say that in my experience, it wasn’t me who wanted to rush sex. I like taking my time before I enter a woman. But both of my partners had developed a habit of rushing things, sometimes before they even get wet. With my former partner, often I would unconsciously vent my dissatisfaction by becoming emotionally distant from her. Back then I didn’t know why. Over time, I’ve come to know the reason: there wasn’t enough time building our sex life on a fouundation of intimacy and trust. And I wasn’t strong enough in myself to steer things so we could get what we really wanted.

    I learned a hard lesson from this. Consequently, things are different. In the face of many more challenges than before, my current relationship is much more fulfilling. I am more aware of what I want, my bland image of old is replaced with a much stronger and more fun personality and my partner is responding to it. I’m not just helping me, more importantly, I’m helping open new worlds for my partner so she can understand herself more.

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    I know well what you’re talking about because in encounters that I’ve had where I really didn’t “care” and did have that “dominance” it has worked out well. You’re absolutely correct in what you’re saying…and I know what I have to do to steer a new course and set a new paradigm that I think this woman knows I’m capable of showing and sharing with her. One can be loving, caring, considerate, and supportive of someone, and yet, “stake” the parameters of what’s important and be “gently resolute” in their values and what they beleive in. In other words, no need to take over someone’s life, be able to give them space, and at the same time not acquiese to the other party what is important to you. Don’t be suffocating, but don’t allow yourself to be controlled either. One can be gentle, and firm concomitantly.

    Okay Julius, (is that your real name?)….I’ve got a scenario for YOU and maybe you’ll give me some input on it. I’m 55, in good shape, but 55 never the less. This girl that I’m crazy about is going to be 50 soon. I try hard to stay in decent shape.
    Through a long, historical, set of circumstances over the last 40 years, I’ve developed what I think is a fairly not altogether too common and twisted way about me that has morphed into an errotic methodology that I have shared with my friend from time to time when the timing has been right. I don’t think she’s experienced that from any other fellow in her past, but….I COULD be wrong….I don’t know…!!!!
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    It’s strange….I’ve been married twice. Always fantasized about my women because simply, ever since I was 15 every woman I’ve ever been with has had vastly more sexual experience than me. But even though I have fond memories of our lives together, and remained friends with my exes, I never really had that puppy love, heart skipped a beat, butterflies in the stomach feeling that I have with this woman…and yet, I love the fantasy of doing a threesome with her and the thought of her sucking, licking, and fucking cock. I’m crazy about her….but, enjoy living my life seperately and having the psychological and emotional freedom to just think and hang out with my Creator.
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  864. John Herriot

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    As my partner and I start moving towards sex and we are getting into foreplay I like to slowly undress her and encourage her to undress me, however leaving on her bra and panties and my vest and boxers. This lets us kiss and cuddle with a lot of skin contact. It also allows for finding/caressing other erogenous zones such the neck, the ear lobe and soft spot in front of the ears, the underarm link to the boobs, the stomach and the area above the mons, the wrists, inside elbows, toes, behind the knee, the top of the pelvic bone and more.

    As she (and I) get aroused I then go for teasing heavily around the breast – both abovee and below – before getting the bra off, or in many cases her ripping it off or flopping the tits out of their hammock. The boobs are always the first of the ‘major sex organ’ zones that I go for as these are known to encourage the secretion fo hormones that help stimulate the vagina and vulva. I have managed to get a number of women to orgasm after some good foreplay and with boob massage and nipple eating without even going south.

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